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Blog | Staying warm at SubZero (or any other cold camp!)
27/12/2019 By Andrew A. Barber


Are you and your Scout/Explorer troop heading out for a cold camp or to Auchengillan's SubZero? (We are!) ❄️
We gathered up some great advice last year and thought we would share our top 10 tips to staying warm! 👍🔥

1. Live the luxurious life! 💆‍♂️
Line the inside of your tents with off-cuts of carpets to help protect from the cold ground beneath.

2. A tinkle before bed! 🚽
Getting all that excess liquid out of your bladder means you have less to heat up!

3. Double Up! ✌️
Using two sleeping bags is better than one. Even using a 1 Season sleeping bag inside your 3-4 Season bag will see you stay warmer and cosy at night.

4. Boots! 👢
A good pair of waterproof boots will keep your tootsies warm all day. Also.. pop newspaper in them overnight to draw out the moisture.

5. No wet stinky socks! 🧦
Going to bed with wet socks not only stinks.. but does nothing for you! Make sure you have sleeping socks that are nice and dry.

6. Eat well and eat loads! 🌭🌮🍏
Your body needs the extra calories to keep you warm, any opportunity you get to eat - make sure you are well full. If you haven't eaten anything please let a leader know.

7. Layer Up... but only so much! 🧥
When out and about make sure you have plenty of layers on, but don't over do it... sweating can cause you to loose too much body heat.

8. Drink Warm Drinks!
Drop the soft drinks. Throughout the day keep up with warm drinks, and especially drink one before bed. Ps. Hot Chocolate before bed is the best!

9. Tell a Leader! 🗣️
Don't leave it until last minute to tell a leader you are TOO cold. Let them know you're feeling the cold and listen to their suggestions.

10. Have Fun! 😁😁
Participating in all the great activities at SubZero is the best way to take your mind off the cold!


Original post from 1st Loch Lomond Scout Group

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