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Are you and your Scout/Explorer troop heading out for a cold camp or to Auchengillan's SubZero? (We are!)❄️

We gathered up some great advice last year and thought we would share our top 10 tips to staying warm!👍🔥

1. Live the luxurious life! 💆
Line the inside of your tents with off-cuts of carpets to help protect from the cold ground beneath.

2. A tinkle before bed! 🚽
Getting all that excess liquid out of your bladder means you have less to heat up!

3. Double Up! ✌️
Using two sleeping bags is better than one. Even using a 1 Season sleeping bag inside your 3-4 Season bag will see you stay warmer and cosy at night.

4. Boots! 👢
A good pair of waterproof boots will keep your tootsies warm all day. Also.. pop newspaper in them overnight to draw out the moisture.

5. No wet stinky socks! 🧦
Going to bed with wet socks not only stinks.. but does nothing for you! Make sure you have sleeping socks that are nice and dry.

6. Eat well and eat loads! 🌭🌮🍏
Your body needs the extra calories to keep you warm, any opportunity you get to eat - make sure you are well full. If you haven't eaten anything please let a leader know.

7. Layer Up... but only so much! 🧥
When out and about make sure you have plenty of layers on, but don't over do it... sweating can cause you to loose too much body heat.

8. Drink Warm Drinks! ☕
Drop the soft drinks. Throughout the day keep up with warm drinks, and especially drink one before bed. Ps. Hot Chocolate before bed is the best!

9. Tell a Leader! 🗣️
Don't leave it until last minute to tell a leader you are TOO cold. Let them know you're feeling the cold and listen to their suggestions.

10. Have Fun! 😁😁
Participating in all the great activities at SubZero is the best way to take your mind off the cold!

Original post from 1st Loch Lomond Scout Group

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Blog | DC's Blog 24 March 2018
24/03/2018 By Claire Somerville

I’ve had a busy day today visiting various Scouting activities involving groups across the District.  It’s great to see what is going on and the fun that everyone is having.

Firstly I went to Arden to see the Scouts lightweight training camp.  Looking after yourself and your fellow Scouts when camping is a key skill that we hope all Scouts will learn to set them up for future exciting activities. 
Whilst there I had the pleasure of awarding Echo (Scout Leader at 4th Helensburgh) her Wood Badge.  This signifies that she has completed all of the training required to be a Leader. It takes about 3 years and a lot of commitment to complete the wood Badge training so congratulations to Echo and thank you for the hard work she has put in. 
I also had the opportunity to invest new Scouts from 1st Glen Lusset and 4th Helensburgh.  Welcome to Scouts in Dunbartonshire, I hope you will have lots of fun.
After that I managed to get over to Auchengillan for the District Explorer training camp.  Our team of Explorers are currently practising ready for the Blair Atholl Jamborette in the summer, where they will be part of the West Region contingent and meet Scouts from around the world.  These events are one of the ways that the training programme in the lower sections, who knows, the Cubs and Beavers of today could be representing the District in South Korea in 2023 or at whichever location is chosen for the 2027 Jamboree!
Closer to home, I know there is a lot going on, with sleepovers and trips away - send me your photos and we’ll put the on the website!

Blair Atholl

I understand there are still places available for Dunbartonshire District Explorer Aged individuals to attend the Blair Atholl Jamborette from 16th to 27th July please see the website ( ) for more information.  If you would like to go please contact Hilary (DESC - Activities) through the website ( ) or drop me an email.  
There are still places for ScotJam being held at Lochgoilhead in the summer for both Cubs and Beavers - go along to to find out more.
Scouts Camping Competition
Dunbartonshire will be holding a Scouts camping competition on 2-3 June. This will be an "informal” competition with the emphasis  on learning the skills necessary to go through and represent the District at the Zonal camping competition on 15-17 June.  It will be suitable for all groups to take part in, so if you are interested, please talk to your leaders.  
Have a great week - no blog next week as I am putting my feet up for a bit and eating Easter Eggs!
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Blog | DC's Blog - 10 March 18
10/03/2018 By Claire Somerville
Explorer Teamwork 4

Welcome to the first of the Dunbartonshire District Commissioner's Blog.  Every week we will try to put out a summary of all the events that have happened across the District, and let you know about events that are coming up.  If you have things that you would like me to add to the blog then please get in touch.  Young People can also take part - if you would like to send in something then you could be guest editor for the week!



Every year the Scout Association publishes a list of people who have achieved awards in the St George's Day Roll of Honour.  This year 2 members of the District have received awards and I would like to offer my congratualtions for this achievement:


Ross Docherty

The Chief Scout's Commendation for Meritorious Conduct.

Ross is an Assisstant Cub Scout Leader, 6th Clydebank.    "The award for meritorious conduct us made by the Chief Scout Bear Grylls to members of the Scout Association for conduct involving a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or devotion to duty, often under suffering without necessarily involving any element of risk."


Pam Durrant

Bar to the Silver Acorn

Pam is a former DC who is now the Group Scout Leader, 4th Helensburgh.  "The Bar to the Silver Acorn is awarded for at least 25 years (Pam reaches 30 years in Scouting this year) of service to Scouting that is specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding service."



There are a whole load of events coming up over the next few months:


Parent and Cub Camp - 18-20 May 2018

Grab a parent and take them along to this action-packed weekend at Meggernie.  No leaders required as everything is provided, you just need to turn up with your tent!  This is a great opportunity to complete the Cub Adventure challenge badge.  Please go to for further information and to download the applicaton form.


Scout camp skills - 23-24 March 2018

A training camp for Scouts to learn the skills they need to camp independently.  It will take place at the Arden site.  Talk to you Scout leader for more details - they can book through ADC(Cubs). 


Scout Survival skills - 23-25 March 2018

An opportunity for Scouts to build their own shelters and sleep out overnight in them! This event is run by Meggernie National Scout Centre and so you can go without your leaders.  Please go to for further information and to download the application form.  


District Scout Camping Competition 2-3 June 2018

Keep your diaries free to take part in a re-vamped District Camping Competiton - further details to follow.  The winners will go through to the Zonal finals on 15-17 June 2018 and potentially the National Final on 28-30 September 2018.  


District Cub Safari Camp 22-24 June 2018

?Leaders will already be planning the highlight of the Cub calendar - the annual camp to Blair Drummond Safari park.  Talk  to your leaders to see if you can go and spend the weekend with the lions!

Tell us your news

Use the contact details on this website to keep us up to date with what you are doing.  Send us photo's to put in the galleries and stories to show off why Dunbartonshire is a District of Opportunities.



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